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Step By Step

Enjoy these step by steps that easily outline how to create designs that will be sure to please!!

1. Create the shape of your bear head.
2. Add ears on the bear head. They can be as close or as wide apart as you desire.
3. Add inner ear and muzzle color.
4. Create bow tie, heart shaped nose, and the eyes of your choice.
5. Add color in the shape of “wings” flanking the bear head, at the top and bottom of your eye. I used a 1’ flat brush to create this, but sponges work well too. 
6. Use stencils, or freehand stars over areas of the “wing” shapes. I used BAM stencil #1037.
7. Add teardrops at top and bottom of “wings”, and under bear bow tie. I used a #4 round brush.
8. Outline in complimentary color, and EMBELLISH EMBELLISH EMBELLISH!! I added swirls, dots and 4 point star bursts using a #2 script liner. I also painted “lipstick” using the same color choice as my bear head. And of course GLITTER is a must!!


1. Create a simple bow shape over the eye.
2. Add either double dipped or single color complimentary flowers on either side of bow. Butterflies would be pretty as well. For the flower petals I used Silly Farms red handle small point flower petal brush. 
3. Here, I added centers to the flowers, leaves and ‘vine swirls’.
4. Next, I included some white highlights. (This step can actually be saved for last)
5. I then outlined everything in black, and added defining splotches for dramatic flair, and to fill voids. (Technique learned by Heather Green)
6. The finishing touches include 4 point star bursts, dots and highlights using a #2 script liner, and GLITTER!!
I see areas where I could have changed some things but I had fun painting it. Already looking forward to my next one…HAPPY PAINTING!!

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