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As a former Preschool teaching Assistant and a Mother of four, I have shared my "Art Affair" for many years with young and old alike. I delight in seeing the smiles of everyone who sit in my chair to be painted, or who watches as their personal art-n-craft creation unfold, as I give instruction.  I consider it a HUGE blessing that my "work" and passion are one in the same. We service a variety of events currently in the DMV area. If you've enjoyed viewing our artistry, contact us today!! 

                                                      ABOUT THE PRODUCTS 

S.W.A.G uses ONLY professional grade FDA approved  paints that are specially formulated for use on the skin. NO ACRYLIC PAINTS ARE USED. All glitter used for face art designs and glitter tattoos (If applicable) is cosmetic grade and safe for use on the face and body. Glitter tattoos typically stay on the skin 3-5 days, but can be easily removed at anytime using baby oil or alcohol. The best way to remove face paint is to apply liquid soap, without water, and lather in a circular motion, then rinse or wipe away. Baby wipes are also good for removing face paint. Some paints stain more than others, but using a little lotion or baby oil to remove the remaining residue should do the trick. If applicable, all glue used in arts-n-crafts washes out with soap and water, should it become necessary to do so. IMPORTANT!! If you have chosen a package that includes balloon twisting, please be advised that our company uses LATEX balloons in our balloon twisting. Those with allergies to latex may receive an alternative treat (ie. stickers, small party favor, etc.), instead of balloon. Please advise of guest(s’) allergies PRIOR to day of the event. Signs, Wonders and Gifts is happy to answer any questions you may have. 


"It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Rachel Israel.  I have known Ms. Israel on a professional level for approximately four years.   Ms. Israel’s knowledge, skills and abilities as a professional Facial and Body Artist have afforded her high recognition amongst our educational setting.   Ms. Israel has assisted in offering her services for the purpose of enhancing our Preschool Department’s theatrical performances.             

Ms. Rachel exurbs excellence in customer service and she consistently adheres to the current practices and procedures for using approved/certified make-up and other applications on all clients.  As a Facial and Body Artist, Rachel will enhance your organization by providing a service that fosters creative connections with her clients.  Ms. Israel also presents herself in a professional manner by wearing apparel that is conducive to all forms of dress code, upon request. 

If I can be of further assistance to you or to her in this effort, please do not hesitate to contact me."


Terrina M.






"I worked with Rachel for my daughter’s 5th birthday party and will definitely hire her again and again!  She is a fabulous artist.  Her work is vibrant, detailed and fun!  She takes pride in her creations and ensures that her clients satisfied. The children were thrilled and the mom’s were amazed! Every time I show pictures of the party the first question asked is “who did theface paint?”  Rachel not only does faces.  There were a couple of little girlswho opted to have the paint adorn their arms and she had no problem honoring their requests. 

In addition to her great work, Rachel is punctual, friendly, sanitary and organized.  She pays close attention to customer service making sure that she gets the job done.  I almost had to force her to take a break. There really aren’t enough great things I can say.  This is a woman who is passionate about her craft. 

My daughter did not have a 6th birthday party but I have already informed Rachel that we will be calling on her for future parties and events.  For face and body paint she will always be my first call.



N. Davis




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